Interview with Ben Gold


Ben’s productions are played by DJs as far reaching as Armin van Buuren to Sander Van Doorn, Paul van Dyk to Marco V, leading to plaudits such as “Ben Gold is a talented young producer and definitely one to watch out for in the future”, by none other than Paul Oakenfold! Recent releases such as collaboration with Senadee, ‘Say the Words’ picked up ASOT tune of the week, Mixmag tune of the month whilst ‘Life’ was picked by world number one DJ Armin van Buuren as not only Future Favourite on ASOT but also Tune of the Week

After spending the majority of 2009 writing, producing and engineering tracks for other major artists, Ben Gold launched his new guise ‘Be:Gold’, and delivered “Starstruck and “Sunstroke” which became festival favourites with Armin, Tiesto & Gareth Emery. Ben’s remix of Andy Moor & Ashley Walbridge – Faces gave him complete global recognition which led Armin to quote “He is really on fire right now”.

Recent DJ appearances have led Ben all over the globe including notable sets at The Gallery, MOS, BCM in Mallorca, Cork in Ireland, Passion in Coalville, a tour of Poland and a sell out New Years Eve event in Vancouver, Canada.

This multi faceted DJ and producer will bring a breath of fresh air to a scene which demands the same high quality and excellence that Ben has regularly achieved even at such a young age, the only way is to the very top.

  • (1) Beatsmedia:
    How would you describe the difference between you and your Be:Gold alias releases?
  • Ben Gold:
    Good question. They aren’t a million miles away in terms of style any more, but that’s because the Ben Gold sound has evolved. The 2 Be:Gold tracks have been different styles, but both have the same main feature, which is the hook-line. The Ben Gold tracks are more energetic, sometimes more attitude.
  • 2) Beatsmedia:
    With ‘Sapphire’ engulfing massive support on the dance floors and radio shows all over the world, care to maybe share the studio time spent and tools used for this fantastic tune?
  • Ben Gold:
    Thanks. Yeah, I remember it sounding like a different track. I changed the theme and the whole break down structure after spending a couple of days not working on it. I added the bass line, changed the melody, and the whole feel to the track changed. About 4 days in total I think. They vary.
  • (3) Beatsmedia:
    We believe music is the translation of emotions into sound. Word on the street is that artists, in general, are way more productive when they’re experiencing the extreme: sadness and happiness. Which emotion is the most inspiring to you?
  • Ben Gold:
    After finding out one of your tracks has been signed to the label of choice, I tend to always write the follow up straight away. So I suppose I fall into the happiness list.
  • (4) Beatsmedia:
    What do you find to be the most enjoyable part when producing a track?
  • Ben Gold:
    The whole process is enjoyable. Writing the hook-line is one of the best bits. But bouncing a finished track out is defiantly the most rewarding part.
  • (5) Beatsmedia:
    What’s your poison while you’re behind the decks? Are you another Red Bull addict?
  • Ben Gold:
    No, not addicted to Red Bull. I have a beer or two. They relax any pre-set nerves.
  • (6) Beatsmedia:
    Having accomplished a plethora of accolades at just 25, do you have any tips you could perhaps share for the upcoming producers out there?
  • Ben Gold: Be inspired, but don’t copy. Being original is one of the key elements needed for success, and recognition. And take your time.
  • (7) Beatsmedia:
    The tour period can be extremely exhausting and often changes your whole routine, messing up sleeping patterns and whatnot. Are you able to manage a healthy schedule while on the road?
  • Ben Gold:
    I play 5-a-side football every week, and run 3 nights. I cant get into ‘going to the gym’. I’ve tried a few times. I always listen to either my promo’s, or a radio show whilst running. Makes it more enjoyable.
  • (8) Beatsmedia:
    Between the rigorous and demanding event and producing schedule, what do you do in your “down time” to help relax and inspire more creations of melodic madness in the studio?
  • Ben Gold:
    Apart from the above, I enjoy cooking. By no means am I the best chef in the word, but I’m getting there. I cook most nights. Washing up sucks though!
  • (9) Beatsmedia:
    Are you a football fanatic? Can we expect to see you in any of the bars during the World Cup matches cheering for England?
  • Ben Gold:
    I enjoy watching a lot of football, and yes, you can. It feels like ages since England have featured in a major tournament. I’m optimistic. Of course I would like to see us win it. Not long left to wait now.
  • (10) Beatsmedia:
    Tell us some funny aspect of your personality. Do you have any unusual habits that you can share with us?
  • Ben Gold:
    I think I’m really good at FIFA 10, until I play someone online.
  • (11) Beatsmedia:
    What’s your prime channel of communication with your fans?
  • (12) Beatsmedia:
    What do you have in store for 2010, can you share any exclusive info with us?
  • Ben Gold:
    This year has already been better than how last year started. I’m looking forward to a lot of gigs in a handful of different countries. I’m also performing on the main stage at Sunrise in Poland. That ones going to be ridiculous!
  • Release wise; I have the next single ready for both of my alias’ ready, as well as a really exciting collaboration with one of my favourite producers. I’ve decided to only do a couple of remixes this year, so expect a lot of original music.
  • (13) Beatsmedia:
    Do you have any special message for the people that have helped you within your career, and indeed for the fans out there?
  • Ben Gold:
    A big thank you to everyone who buys my music or has come to see me perform. Thank you too Taj, Justin & Areen.