LayDee Jane Signs Contract With NR1

Fred Baker vs LayDee Jane – Renaissance (released 04/05/2010) Fraction Records

Fred Baker and LayDee Jane join forces in the studio resulting in this magnificent, action-packed tech-twister entitled ‘Renaissance’.

The Original Mix is a real gem. Aimed firmly at the big rooms, the high octane combination of crisp percussion rhythms, tech fills and hard hitting synth stabs fuse against the melodic breakdown to perfection, resulting in a colossal peak hour atmospheric workout!

Fred Baker turns up the heat with the first of three massive remixes with another no-nonsense stab-laden floor filler, before Fast Distance takes to the faders and reworks the track into trancier territory, adding attitude and plenty of vibe along the way. Lastly, Mallorca Lee rounds off the release with another of his sizzling no holds barred re-rubs!

Another fantastic tech trance showcase with plenty of mixes to choose from!

(Beatport top100 #26, Trackitdown top100 #13)


Vogue presents LayDee Jane vs Fred Baker & “Religion” fashion show!

LayDee Jane sign contract with Nr1 commercial radio in Czech Evropa2 (show called Dance Exxtravaganza):

LayDee Jane – Atmoss Session May 2010

Coming Soon…

LayDee Jane – Orient Express (in negotation with Armada and Blackhole)

LayDee Jane vs Eddie Sender – Albatros (Original Mix) (waiting for released date on label In Trance We Trust – Black Hole)

Video – Machac Festival 2009:

Tour dates (update):

12/06 – Tba
25/06 – Mosp Party
26/06 – Maddox Open Air
26/06 – Danceradio 5Anniversary
03/07 – Wilga (Poland)
06/07 – KVV festival
17/07 – Drvenik, Nautilus (Croatia)
22/07 – Drvenik, Nautilus (Croatia)
24/07 – Pleasure Island open air festival
31/07 – Ostrava (Crystal, Fabric) closing party
08/08 – Ibiza, Amnesia (Spain)
13/08 – Liberec, Dabelska Hut
14/08 – Stribro (Matrix club)
20/08 – Machac 2010 open air festival, Doksy
27/08 – Prague, Boat Party
31/08 – Tba