Rachel Rixham: Exclusively Interviews DJ Rosie Romero


“A natural-born entertainer, Rosie’s sound can be described as Grooving Jackin’ Techno, with elements of Progressive and Tech House infused enabling ‘The Romero Sound’ to encompass a new market, constantly gaining new fans and ensuring she is relevant to a plethora of UK’s main clubbing institutes including Air, Pacha,, Pukka Up, Ministry of Sound, Honey Club, Area 51, In Bed With Space, Gatecrasher, Miss Moneypennys and Sankeys. “

“Rosie has been labelled as ‘one to watch’ by Tillate magazine and StreetMag (Norway) for 2010″.

Rachel Rixham: Exclusively Interviews DJ Rosie Romero

Wednesday 21st April 2010

Rachel Rixham:
Hi Rosie, thanks for taking part in this exclusive interview today. So, what’s been going on so far in 2010 for the lovely Rosie Romero?

Rosie Romero:
2010 has been an amazing year for me so far.

  • I have continued travelling the world this year, kicked the year off in style playing in India on New Years Eve. Which was a place I have always wanted to visit and it didn’t disappoint.
  • I received the news that my tour of Asia had been confirmed for June.
  • My remix of Zoo Brazil’s track ‘You Can Have It All’ on Black Hole Recordings was released, which felt like a massive move in the right direction with regard to making music for me.
  • Then I had Black Hole sign my track GURU and being named as ‘One To Watch’ by Tillate Magazine.

It’s been a very fruitful start to the year and I’m very excited to see how it all pans out!

Rachel Rixham:
I’ve checked out your latest release Guru and must say what an amazing track that is, your vocals are outstanding. I hear it’s just been signed to Black Hole Recordings too, how does it feel to become part of such a well-respected label such as Black Hole?

Rosie Romero:
It feels really exciting and I have worked very hard towards reaching this level. It’s not easy to have an established and such a well-respected label sign your track. I can sing and wanted to use it, it opens up so much more to your production of music if you can actually sing yourself and there is no reliance on another vocalist or having to use samples. I always like to put myself into the music whilst I am in the studio and reach deep inside myself. It always seems to make a track more ‘real’. I really enjoyed the ‘Guru’ experience and I’m looking forward to writing more tracks in that style.

Rachel Rixham:
Please tell everyone at home a bit about your background involvement within music, where did it all start to kick in for you? and what encouraged you to become a DJ and Producer?

Rosie Romero:
I have always loved music and come from a musically trained background as I play the piano to a grade 6 standard. I started clubbing at an early age and used to play on Technics back at friend’s houses. I began to collect vinyl and eventually bought my own decks and the rest is history.

I always like to think my very early age of clubbing was my apprenticeship for what I am doing now. It has given me a good concept of being able look at the crowd and knowing what they want, at the end of the day it is about pleasing the clubbers not yourself.

Rachel Rixham:
Can you tell everyone back at home, where your inspiration comes from when creating new tracks?

Rosie Romero:
It comes from my experiences of music over the years; you absorb little bits here and there. I’m inspired most when I go out and DJ and it’s a really rocking gig. I try to take elements of what is working on the dance floor, I think the real trick, is in getting the right balance.

Rachel Rixham:
Do you have to prepare your mind in a special way when getting ready for a big session or event?

Rosie Romero:
Yes, yes…yes..preparation is key… I always prepare!

I have a lot new music every time I go to play and lots of variety as you don’t always know how the crowd will react, especially when playing around the world. I always want to give everybody the best night they can have.

I like to rest before a big event so that I am full of energy and can send this through within my sets.

Rachel Rixham:
When you’re not trawling through the latest releases and promos what kind of music soothes you?

Rosie Romero:
I love all sorts of music, I am a big Kasbian fan but there is so much variety of music I listen to, I could go on all day about it.

Rachel Rixham:
Where does Rosie Romero like to hang out on her days of, Is there a special little place you like to chill out?

Rosie Romero:
I have a horse and it really allows me to clear my head. My horse’s stabled is in the countryside which helps me to relax, forget and recharge my batteries whilst I am there.

Although to be honest, between making music and playing around the world, spare time is a rarity! I spend as much time in the studio as possible!

Rachel Rixham:
If you could choose one place to go and relax for a holiday where would it be?

Rosie Romero:
I love Italy – a beautiful place and amazing food. Can’t beat it! Although ask me again when I have been and played over in Asia, my thoughts may have changed.

Rachel Rixham:
You have another track out at the moment called Praying Mosquito, that seems to be getting a fair bit of air play and support from A list DJ’s such as Carl Cox, not to mention a number 12 spot on the download charts. How does it feel for you when a track you’ve worked so hard on becomes so quickly recognised and supported?

Rosie Romero:
It makes my hard work all worthwhile. I am a very determined, passionate woman and want the music I make to be available for as many people as possible to enjoy.

Rachel Rixham:
What do you have in store for 2010 and beyond?
Any new tracks on the fly at the moment?
Any events we should be pencilling in to our diaries?

Rosie Romero:
Wow where do I start?

  • I am working on a new remix for Zoo Brazil’s track ‘ There is Hope’ the second track to be released on his album on Magik Musik.
  • I am also working on remixes for Paul ThomasSonny Wharton and Kevin Andrews (Hoxton Whores).
    Been in the studio just recently with Nick Hussey and re vamped an old classic, this is nearly finished called ‘Heaven’. Next week I’m in the studio with Juan Kidd.
  • I have some tracks I have collaborated on with Hauswerks coming out soon on 303 Lovers Alex Kenji’s label.
    A track called Jerricho out on miss Moneypennys Music not to mention mine and Kris James’s remix of Spectrum – Kevin Andrews track is coming out in May and my remix of Corridore – Livioda Rosa  Intuito Records also out in May.
  • I will be concentrating even more on my production this year.
    I’m headlining Japan in October and then Brazil in December playing for Iamstereo.

I plan to have played in every country in the world by the end of the year, and move the Romero brand and sound around the globe.

Rachel Rixham:: You’re a busy lass!
Tell us a little more about your radio show, where can people tune in and what time can we catch you live on air?
Do you have a link for us?

Rosie Romero:
Yes, it’s on every other Thursday between 8-10pm on http://www.manchesterglobal.co.uk. My next show is the 29th April. I try to keep the show very fresh and most of the music you will mainly hear on the show isn’t even released yet.

Rachel Rixham:
When your on-line where can everyone catch you, for a chat?
Are you part of any social sites if so can you give us the links?

Rosie Romero:
Yes I’m always linked up on-line for you all! Thanks to my Blackberry lol

Facebook: Dj Rosie Romero
Twitter: DJ Rosie Romero

Rachel Rixham:
Do you have a special little message for all your fans out there?

Rosie Romero:
Thanks so much for all your support so far. There are lots of exciting times ahead.
Please always message me as I really value your thoughts, I always find time and will answer every message personally. It’s so important for me that I have that dialogue with people who appreciate what I am doing.

Rachel Rixham:
Well, It’s been amazing to have you in for an interview today Rosie, good luck in 2010 and onwards. You keep on smiling your way to the top!

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