Rachel Rixham Interviews Orla Feeney


“RTE Pulse DJ and Vandit producer Orla  Feeney has just been nominated “Inspiring Female Artist”, by Beatport.

This Irish lass has been noticed for working alongside some of the biggest female names in-house, techno, dub step and beyond, and has firmly nestled herself between the likes of Lottie, Ellen Allien and Mistress Barbara.

Feeney shot to global recognition with the release of her track ‘Comic Strip’ on Paul van Dyk’s Vandit record label last year. Van Dyk incorporated the tune into his sets throughout his world tour and it became a weapon of choice for trance artists across the globe.

Forthcoming releases for Orla Feeney include ‘Lesson Learnt’ and ‘Random Madness’ EP (due out in May) and a remix for Northern Ireland’s Sean Murphy on his track ‘Open Your Eyes’ “.


Rachel Rixham:
Hi Orla, it’s great to meet you today.

Orla Feeney:
You too.

Rachel Rixham:
When I was a child I used to sing and dance along to the sounds of Kate Bush and Pink Floyd, I feel it was those very artists who created my passion for music, and encouraged me to work within the music industry today.  Who were you dancing around to when you were a mini Orla Feeney?.

Orla Feeney:
Well, I grew up surrounded by music.
My aunt is quite an established Opera singer and my uncle’s a professional French horn and cello player. There was always a party at my grandmother’s house, lots of bands would come back, and play in her front room in to the early hours. Apparently I would always sit with my ear up close to the speakers listening to the double bass, that could be the reason I am partial to a bit of bass line!

I would teach myself many musical instruments, I loved to try out all kinds of Instruments, I could never just stick to one lol. In addiction to this, I was thrown in to Irish dancing when I was about 4 years of age, so my rhythm and timing was encouraged from an early age.

What would I dance to? Well it was a collection of various styles of music that I was dancing to, from dance music, listening to pop, right through to rock and Irish music.

Rachel Rixham:
Do you interpret your inspirations of the past within your music today?

Orla Feeney:
Well I suppose everyone’s inspirations come through without even knowing it, because your inspirations make you who you are. In my opinion, when making music a lot of it comes down to how you’re feeling.

Rachel Rixham:
I remember when I hit my first club, it was in a warehouse in Manchester in the 90’s – It was around the time when Robert Miles, The Prodigy and Moby was in full effect. I remember coming away from the club, and feeling that I had found my way in life, suddenly I knew what kind of music really influenced me. The vibe within the club, being surrounded by hundreds of true music fanatics. Wow what an experience.

Do you remember your first club, if so who was playing?.

Orla Feeney:
I have been to many festivals and events, Creamfields and Godskitchen to name a couple.

My FIRST club event was Space at the Temple Theatre, where Mauro Picotto was playing. When it was over everyone just stood there chanting Komodo. I’m just sorry that club owners have changed over because  it was amazing.

I think that is where my obsession with music began.

Rachel Rixham:
Do you enjoy the atmosphere of a club today, as much as you did back then?.

Orla Feeney:
I enjoy it on a different level now. Being a DJ is an incredible feeling and a responsibility too. The fans create the atmosphere that encourages you to preform better.

Rachel Rixham:
In your spare time, what clubs do you like to hang out in?.

Orla Feeney:
I don’t really have any spare time. If I’m not out DJ-ing or filling my spare time with slots on Radio Shows like Taster. I’m in my studio producing music.

If my friends are over DJ-ing I’ll make an effort to go and see them, that could be in any venue in Ireland. Mainly Lush, and Tripod for JOC’s Subculture night with Tom Colontonio and Marcus Schossow.

So I guess that’s where I’ll hang out.

Rachel Rixham:
If you could reverse the ageing process and bring back one DJ into today’s club scene, who would it be?.

Orla Feeney:
Francis Grasso he’d be a pretty cool person to have a drink and chat too.

Rachel Rixham:
Everyone has ups and downs in life, and that is when music reflects a different purpose to us all. I have turned to a melody or two, like Robert Miles – Children for an escape route, and lyrics similar to Otis Reading and Air when searching for answers. I found this a great way of healing my wounds.

When times have been tough for you what type of melody has helped you through?
Whose lyrics have given you answers?.

Orla Feeney:

01: Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink. His album, Drowning in a Sea of Love, was fantastic.
02: John O’Callaghan and Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky
03: Johnny Shaker – Pearl River
04: Christina Aguilera – My Song
05: Lily Allen – Fuck You
06: Paul van Dyk – Reflections (album)
07: 2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

I’m going to stop now, this could go on for a while

Rachel Rixham:
Lol, OK bringing the interview back in to the present. I was checking out your latest release Indecent Noise – Cross the Line, what a journey, it’s a great track Orla.

Orla Feeney:
Thank you. I had a lot of fun remixing it. I really liked the original so it was nice to be given a chance to offer my spin on it. Alex is a really great guy, and a very talented artist.

Rachel Rixham:
Any new productions on the fly at the moment?.

Orla Feeney:
Actually I’m working on many projects at the moment.

  • I have just recently finished a remix for Goodgreef, Sean Murphy – Open Your Eyes (Orla Feeney Remix).
  • My second EP with Vandit set to be released in May, “Lesson Learnt” and “Random Madness”.
  • There’s also a remix for Vandit that I’m working on I’m very excited about it because I love the track.

There’s a few more in the bag that will be coming out very soon, so you guys back home can watch out for those!

Rachel Rixham:
What do you have in store for us in 2010?.

Orla Feeney:
I’ve been working on my artist album so I’d like to have it finished by the end of the year. It’s an interesting album, it will include a vocal track that I’ve written the lyrics to and I’m toying with the idea of singing it myself. However, without giving too much away, let’s just call it a concept album for now.

There is a live show in the pipeline too, I am just working to perfect that at the moment.

Furthermore, I have some really exciting gigs coming up, so hopefully I will see some of you on the dance floor very soon.

Rachel Rixham:
If you could collaborate with one BIG producer this year, who would it be?.

Orla Feeney:
There’s so many that I’d love to collaborate with, but if I can only pick one then, it would be John O’Callaghan.

Rachel Rixham:
Can you tell everyone at home what has been your highlight of 2010 so far?.

Orla Feeney:
I’ve had so many this year it’s been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest.

  • I would say opening at Lush was a really good highlight for me, it’s such a prestigious club, it was on my list of places that I’d love to play and it exceeded all expectations.
  • Being named by Beatport as an “Inspirational Female Artist”, that was surreal.
  • Another highlight of 2010 was selling out my first club. They had to close the doors at 11pm, because they’d hit max capacity of 1,800. A big thanks to all those that attended that night and thanks for making it an incredible night.
  • And a further highlight for me would have to be signing another EP to Vandit.

Wow, the past few months have flown by.

Rachel Rixham:
Do you have website, myspace, facebook links etc so everyone at home can keep themselves updated on all your upcoming information?.

Orla Feeney:
My website at the moment is being updated, however it will be live very soon.


Rachel Rixham:
Well thank you very much for joining me on this interview today Orla, you’ve been fantastic, Myself and Most Wanted Global wish you all the luck in 2010 and further! All the best!

Orla Feeney:
Thank you for your time, it’s much appreciated!

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