Rachel Rixham Interviews First State

Rachel Rixham: Can you tell everyone back at home what has been your highlight in 2010 so far?

First State: I think the highlight of 2010, was probably the gig that i played in Slovakia in January. It was a pretty small club, but packed to capacity, and the energy in that place was amazing. The vibe was phenomenal, and the crowd were really into the music, so much so, that there were girls in tears, crying their eyes out whilst screaming out the lyrics in their singalongs to my tracks.

Rachel Rixham: When did you first become a DJ, and what inspired you towards this type of career?

First State: I started off as a producer, making tunes as a hobby back in 2003. Early inspirations came in the form of music by Jean Michel Jarre, ELO and many Classical composers.

Rachel Rixham: Can you still remember your very first event, if so where was it and who was in the line-up?

First State: The first “DJ” set I ever played was in 2008. I was the supporting artist, playing directly after Tiesto. Talk about starting off with a bang!

Rachel Rixham: What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far, and can you tell us any funny things that have made you smile along the way?

First State: You know, it’s always hard to answer this question, because there’s been so many highlights, on every tour I’ve been on, ever gig I’ve played… they’ve all got something special about them. From travelling to some of the most exotic locations on the planet, to playing at some of the biggest events around. As for funny things… again, each tour is its own adventure… from sleeping under a web of a gigantic tarantula in Suriname, to avoiding dodgy mafia-run digs in Russia, to having 3 power cuts at 3 different gigs in 3 different continents all in the same month…

Rachel Rixham: In the UK “The House of Lords” have recently voted “YES” in favour of the “Digital Economy Bill,” which means the music industry will now receive backing for the fight against on-line piracy. What are your thoughts on this, do you fully oppose on-line piracy, or do you feel in some way removing the pirates will only make the music industry less popular within the on-line communities?

First State: They’re called pirates for a reason. They’re doing no good for the industry. If there were no illegal download sites, that won’t stop forums from discussing the tunes, and online stations airing sets, youtube sampling track rips and so on. I think, it will just be a matter of diverted traffic, if someone really wants the music, they’ll get it one way or another. So if you end the free download option, the legitimate download portal will surely benefit.

Rachel Rixham: Very good point!
Would you say that illegal downloading has effected you in a big way? If so what would you like to say to everyone out there, to help them understand how much damage this kind of behaviour causes on our Music Industry?

First State: Of-course it has. There’s not an artist on the planet that hasn’t been adversely affected by piracy. A track, is a product. As like anything that comes off a manufacturing line. The only difference is, music is not physical anymore, and the internet has just made it all the more convenient for piracy and illegal distribution. In theory, illegal downloads are no different to walking into a store and shoplifting. For every product “stolen”, that’s hard-earned money taken out of the producers pocket.

Rachel Rixham: There are so many young DJ’s & Producers out there at the moment, working really hard and yet not getting very far fast, not because they are bad at their job but simply because they can’t seem to find the right advice or support. What encouraging advice could you give them, and what do think they need to watch out for?

First State: I Would say, don’t follow the pack. There’s too many artists fishing in the same pond. And sure, we all want the same thing ultimately, but the means of getting their needs to be looked at in a different light.

Rachel Rixham: Tell us your 1: Favourite classic track, 2: Current favourite track & 3: Future favourite track.

First State:
1. Conjure One ft Sinead O’Connor – Tears From The Moon (Tiesto Remix)
2. Rank 1 & Jochen Miller – The Great Escape
3. My new track with Kyler England… Release is due soon, so stay tuned

Rachel Rixham:: If you could collaborate with a one BIG producer this year, who would it be and why?

First State: Moby. Because he’s found beauty in simplicity, which is truly inspirational.

Rachel Rixham: OK the question everyone wants to know. What do you have in store for us? Any new productions on the fly at the moment? Any brand spanking tracks set to be released soon that we should know about?

First State: Your timing for this interview is perfect! I’ve just finished burning the masters for my album a few minutes ago. It’s set to be released early June, and you can definitely expect some big tunes on it. I’m also nearing the completion of setting up my record label, First State Music, which will be an imprint of Black Hole Recordings. There’s also a full Album tour coming up, and loads more.

Rachel Rixham: Excellent!
And lastly do you have a website so we can catch-all your latest updates?

First State: http://www.firststatemusic.com and you can follow me on Twitter.com/firststatemusic

Rachel Rixham: Well thank you very much for joining me on this interview today, good luck with your new album.