The piracy argument continues to escalate!

“In the blue corner we have labels, élite artists and élite DJ’s VS the red corner, bloggers, upcoming artists and DJ’s”.

The piracy argument continues to escalate about this new rule. However we can’t deny that it is great to see the government taking the matter seriously and getting behind the idea of finding a solution to the on going, ever trending piracy problem. To begin with all dj’s, and artists agreed that illegal downloading wasn’t acceptable and that the ever-growing issue needed addressed. But it seems that as time goes by many peoples opinions are changing like the weather.

The accumulating fashion for sharing music has caused many a label and artist consistent amounts of trouble, not to mention countless of hours wasted because they are  having to drawl the web and ask bloggers to remove free download links to their latest tracks.  Further to this we have artists and labels usually the less popular or upcoming, who claim that promotion of their tracks whether it be illegal or not, seems to be helping their careers massively.

So where do we go from here? It’s not like we can say “OK, people who download can only download from artists with lesser fame than the others,” is it?

I had to think this over for sometime before I could come up with a suitable remedy and even then, when the remedy seemed to make sense to me it suddenly striked me that the result would take me back to the beginning again. How did that happen?

If those requesting promotion from the bloggers actually contacted them and gave away their tracks in a lower format?, this would indeed lessen the amount of illegal downloads wouldn’t it? Then it dawned on me, even if this was to be offered we couldn’t guarantee that the bloggers would accept it. (More than probably not) Furthermore this wouldn’t address the issues for those who didn’t want the bloggers promotion. So that idea seemed crushed.

I am sick to death of hearing the same disputed row over and over again across the Internet. If only it were possible for all the correct people to come  together and for once, find a solution that would fit the bill for all. I don’t think for a split second that “The new economy bill” is the right answer, I fear it will only deepen the conflict further.

There is only one answer to this defiant and ongoing issue, and I think that it calls for someone to back down, but who? the big labels, élite artists and DJ’s? or indeed the bloggers, NEW artists and DJ’s?