Rachel Rixham Interviews Lemon & Einar K

Rachel Rixham: I always believe that the passion for music starts in the family home, can you tell me what kind of music was played at your house when you were growing up?

Lemon: For me it was Beatles, Elvis (My personal favourite) Supertramp, ABBA and Baccara, Bee Gees, good old Boney M. I got my first Vinyl from my dad when I was 6 I think. Before this we had tapes. I had a suitcase full of tapes.

Einar: In my childhood i grew up with a lot of different music but mainly music that were not so familiar to most people from my area. I was at an early point really fascinated by the soundscapes that Enya and Vangelis created. I remember back in primary school everybody laughed at me because i really enjoyed those genres. I’m also a big fan of David Fosters arrangements for artists such as Chicago, Peter Cetera, Chaka khan and so on…

Rachel Rixham: Who inspired you most in to becoming a DJ?

Lemon: Grandmaster flash

Einar: Well… i’m not really inspired from anybody when it comes to Dj’ing… it all comes down to creating euphoric moments for the recipient.

Rachel Rixham: Can you tell everyone at home what kind of techniques and styles you had experimented with at the start of your career?

Lemon: I started Dj’ing in clubs with Indie Music. I was 17 when I started Dj’ing out on clubs. Before this I was the DJ on school parties. I got my first mixer when I was 12.

Einar: I don’t really have the kind of experience such as Lemon to look back to but I was really inspired by Chicane and BT and the way they performed back in the late 90’s.

Rachel Rixham: Do you still use any of those techniques and styles today?

Lemon: Not for LEK jobs. But yeah it happens that I play some of the old stuff If I get the chance.

Einar: Well.. sometimes when i play at other peoples weddings and bachelor parties hahaha .. 😉

Rachel Rixham: What was the first nightclub you played at?

Lemon: It was a club in Fredrikstad Norway. Indie club. The only indie club in town had just shut down. So I went to a club that didn’t go so well. Asked them if I could try, and it was a success from day 1.

Einar: Well… I remember our first job abroad in Holland.. that was great even though it was a pretty small venue…

Rachel Rixham: Who was included in the line-up back then?

Lemon: Only me.

Einar: Stoneface & Terminal, and Just D

Rachel Rixham: How did you feel after your very FIRST big event?

Lemon: My first big event was on The student society in Oslo. I was nervous as hell, thought all the big DJ’s in Oslo was there watching my every move. When it was over it was : party on!!

Einar: I was to busy with a girl who was there to make up any thoughts haha 🙂

Rachel Rixham: Lol! How long does it take you to prepare for each event, and on the day are you generally ready to go?

Lemon: I play through the set a couple of times, record it, and adjust, and then its good to go. Always adjust to the crowd though.

Einar: For me it’s always starting out fresh with some really groovy melodic house… further on i play what i think would be what the people wanna hear.

Rachel Rixham: What is your favourite piece of equipment?

Lemon: For dj-ing I Like the CDJ 800.

Einar: In the studio: The modular part of the Spectrasonics Omnisphere, For DJ’ing: CDJ 800 mk2

Rachel Rixham: I have a wish-list for you, if you could have ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, name 3 things you would wish-list first?

Lemon: 1) True Love 2) Kids 3) Good health

Einar: (1) Health (2) A stable flow of creativity (3) True love

Rachel Rixham: Please tell us the name of your favourite classic track, your favourite track of the moment, and your future favourite track.

Lemon: Favourite Classic : Sasha Expander. . At the moment: Estima: Privelege Future Favourite: Haschenstein: Too much sun for the soul.

Einar: Favourite Classic: Chicane Saltwater (Thrillseekers remix) ATM: Daniel Kandi Venice beach (lifted mix) Future favourite: BT feat JES Every other way (AVB remix)

Rachel Rixham: Do you think the Internet has helped you spread the fire about your name, or do you think it’s simply a waste of time?

Lemon: Definatly helped.

Einar: Absolutely helped .

Rachel Rixham: What’s your favourite social networking website? (Facebook – Twitter – Myspace – Other)

Lemon: facebook. I speak a lot with our fans there.

Einar: Facebook

Rachel Rixham: I think the music world has taken off big time via the Internet, however there is a dark side. How do you feel about illegal sharing of music?

Lemon: Wish there was less downloads, so all musicians that have a crowd could live from the music again. But not much to do for the moment, so enjoy it while you can pirates :-p

Einar: I think that piracy is for the better somehow… it puts the industry under pressure and the outcome is better sounding tracks, it also allows great tracks to be far more famous in an easier way, and faster.

Rachel Rixham: If you could tell the fans one thing about how this affects you what would you tell them?

Lemon: DJ’s : Please buy, don´t steal. The result will be less good music for you to enjoy and play out. A song cost only 1-2 euros. If you earn money playing it, It’s an exchange thing I believe. I think you appreciate it more if you have earned it and paid for it. Call it Karma if you want. For me it works that way with movies, and software. When I have earned it, it just works a lot better. If you can’t afford them, or if you just use it for private. It’s ok.

Einar: Buy my tracks if you like them, steal them if you love them, then get your ass to the club and see me perform 🙂

Rachel Rixham: Sadly many new artists are unaware of how the Industry really works and they believe that the music industry is simply “one big glamour pot”, what do you think?

Lemon: It’s a game really. And like Monopoly it sucks in the beginning. You have to pay to get anywhere. And you have to build. The industry is hard as any other industry. And people are very protective about their positions. You need to be rough and not afraid to fail a few times. I have heard the porn industry is worse though… hmm.. Einar?

Einar: It’s glamorous every time you meet somebody that loves your work. The rest of the time you have to pull your trousers down and bend over… hahaha… metaphorically speaking….

Rachel Rixham: Have you had any bad experiences?

Lemon: A few, but nothing I would mention. Read your contracts and ask for professional advise.

Rachel Rixham: If you could offer your advice to an up n coming DJ / Producer about preparing themselves for life within the Industry, what do you think they would need to know first?

Lemon: You need to be ready to use a lot of time. Be patient

Einar: See thing over a wide perspective with regards to timeline….

Rachel Rixham: What do you have in store for us for 2010, do you have any new tracks due for release?

Lemon: Some solo releases and some LEK productions. Also some collabs with other artists.. Some good artists have signed to apocalypse. Look forward to releasing them too.

Einar: A payback release to all the “Anticipation” lovers and copycats 😉 Several Einar K vocal tracks

Rachel Rixham: lastly do you have a website so myself and everyone back home can find all your latest information?

Lemon: It will come very soon. http://www.lemoneinark.com http://www.apocalypserecordings.com

Einar: http://www.agenda-music.com (a fresh podcast will arrive in your itunes library real soon) 😀

“Thank you for taking the time to review and answer the following Interview questions. I wish you the very best of luck for 2010 and on-wards.”