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  • Rachel Rixham 11:29 am on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Choices, Happiness, Ignorance, personal blog   

    Its been a while 

    It’s certainly been a long while since I logged into this blog. In that time, so much has changed in my life, in my work, in my heart, and in my mind.

    Once obsessed with trance music, overly impulsive, and determined to make a rigid stance. Not afraid to shout my beliefs from the rooftops, carefree, and highly motivated. In ways I miss my old self while in others I do not.

    I am still heavily involved and focused in the music industry not much has changed on that front. Though, I’ve seen a lot, some good and some really ugly. Over time that ugliness has shadowed my judgement, it has broken me in more ways than one. Consequently, I have learned to keep my mouth firmly shut. Not entirely, just a lot more than I used to do. Some of you will see that as a blessing, right?

    Sometimes it is easier to just forget, brush aside what is really going on around you, and concentrate on your own work. It’s easier, than to speak up for others, while taking the sullies on the chin. Easier, to walk away and close the door on the world behind you.

    Nevertheless, I’m still left with the same question clambering my head – have I made the right choice?

    • Stuart Wooster 11:38 am on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      It would be easy for me to say follow your heart, but I guess that is what you did before (being outspoken and saying what is wrong) and it is easy for me to say such things when it doesn’t pay my bills. Sometimes just taking note but letting it go is better for oneself?

  • Rachel Rixham 10:35 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    What more can I say? 

    And so it continues, “A State of Trance 550 – Los Angeles”. NEVER have I been so disappointed with a communities behaviour that it has pushed me to the point of never returning!

    Yes sadly, I am talking about trance, the most gifted and heart-wrenching genre of them all, created from the hearts and souls of so many producers and vocalists, incredibly talented artists at that. Yet, once again there is a small but loud minority of the trance community that are continually ruining it for the rest. “Gobshites”, that is what I would call them, topped by surprisingly; other artists now bashing each other online, I mean seriously, how irresponsible is that?. Many have something negative to say, many want to be seen following the negative crowd, and far too many want to hurl insults and make jokes at the cost of somebody else. However, it doesn’t make them look very respectable, decent or genuine, nor does it make any sense to act that way.

    They claim to be passionate about trance, appreciative of the community vibe, and everything else that comes along with it, and yet, are still do nothing but clashing tongues, not to mention attacking every other genre that dares to come anywhere near. Those who genuinely love trance for all the right reasons are being forced away, simply because they cannot enjoy the music anymore, without being involved in a sick and very twisted community, whether this be online or at an event. I can’t convey how angry I am, so much so, that I may also have to move away from a genre I have loved for most of my life, simply because I cannot bear to see anymore of this closed-minded attitude, the reactions, the comments, the insults, the bullshit that the scenes gobshites have created. I hope you are all immensely proud of yourselves, and one day actually see what you guys have created for your “Love of Trance”.

    Some of you maybe thinking “Why is she so wrapped up in all of this”, the answer is straightforward, Trance music has touched my heart on so many levels, I’m sure you feel the same way too right?. I was there when the mighty boom happened, dancing away and lapping up the euphoria of the 90’s, I have grown with trance right up to the millennium, and now 2012, and have very much enjoyed the new sounds that are evolving. I have cried with trance, fell in love to trance, and even given birth while listening to the sounds of uplifting trance. However with that, I have also seen the excruciating pain and upset multiply in that time too. The scene has gone from a once positive, respectable and unified vibe, to a very negative, disrespectful and “we know it all” attitude, and that change in itself makes me angry. Ripping in to the hearts of those that have given us something uniquely memorable, emotionally bound, and mesmerizing isn’t right. Not only that, but you are verbally killing each other with your nasty, and downright ignorant opinions, not to mention dragging down everyone else around you, why? “Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you Hate”.

    Let me finish on one note, this isn’t to all trance followers and fans, this is a message to those small few, you know exactly who you are. Shame on you all for making such a beautiful genre and once friendly community, utterly intolerable!

    I have nothing left to say! Click like, slate it, hate it, do whatever you wish, because quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying duck!

    • Noadja 10:47 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Amen to that. Too much people are like “birds”. They come over, shit all over the place and fly away…

    • Fartem Farty Fartolyarov 11:07 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      please stop it now!
      you are dividing TRANCE FAMILY!!! (enough of your PLUR propaganda!)

      Daniel Kandi – “#EDMfamily #Genrebashing Picture this : Armin being bookd for a housefestival and played trance, what d u think would happen? MURDER! xD #trancefamily ain’t the by far the worst #bashers ! I still don’t like #dubstep tho!”

      Arnej – “The show is called “A State Of Trance” for a reason, let’s keep it that way please #ASOT550″

      Otto Luminosity – “Fei Fei def not my cup of tea ! Fei Fei trending topic on twitter ? tweets will include words like: crap, stinks, WTF, bad etc etc :P”

      • Rachel Rixham 11:10 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I am not dividing nothing, those small few are doing a good job themselves, quit blaming those who have the guts to speak out, and if the trancefamily wants to remove themselves from the shitmakers, then I praise them for it.

        But, do not tell me to stop trying my best to help people see the truth, its in my blood if you like, without truth, change for the better can’t happen, and trust me, it needs to happen pretty fast.

        • Fartem Farty Fartolyarov 12:04 pm on March 21, 2012 Permalink

          oh wow!! Yes!! you are the one dividing it! You are the only one writing these ridiculous articles! (There are a few people who hate other genres… let them hate and ignore them. but ….NO! Here comes a fucking president/ queen who wants people to follow her rules!

          I don’t know if it makes you feel proud or something? What are you going to achieve?
          Whatever makes you happy I guess

          BTW before you start your guess work…. NO! I don’t hate any GENRE OR HATE ANY dj! I never write on anyone’s wall either!! If it’s bad I just ignore it! (but you are just adding fuel to the fire) (your articles are just like football transfer window articles in “THE SUN”. USELESS! Just joining the bandwagon!!

          BTW are you bipolar or what? I know the posts you liked on Fei Fei’s wall which were written against her. But, you wrote an article to get some publicity! When trance fans speak out, it’s bad. But if you speak out it’s all good. It’s perfect. People should only follow what you say?

          better you move on ! ENOUGH OF YOUR RECYCLED ARTICLES!!! GET A LIFE!!!
          Your articles won’t stop the haters from hating anyways! IT’S A LOST CAUSE! That’s social networking for you! .you can never stop people from making comments!

        • Rachel Rixham 12:14 pm on March 21, 2012 Permalink

          Fartem Farty Fartolyarov, making such judgement about a person you know nothing about?

          I will say what I wish, I do not expect nor ask people not to speak their own thoughts or feelings, but I do like to think that people have a sense of humanity, and know that offending other people is wrong, on every level. If I have to speak out to remind people then I will, if people don’t want to listen then fine, but it won’t ever stop me trying!!!

          If you think little me is dividing a community then I see that as a compliment, but DO NOT come on to my blog and insult my passions in life, and accuse me of joining a bandwagon, because that is utter garbage. Beatsmedia was one of the first to stand up and defend Fei, we did not join nothing, we started a support campaign for her and im very proud we did so too. Ultimately afterwards, other websites joined the bangwagon for attention not us, we didn’t think for a moment our article would have taken 4 thousand likes and masses of support but it did, and we made a small difference. If Fei was a trance artist we would have done the same, it was not about genres for us, it was about doing the right thing and standing by what we appreciate. The Music!

          I do not make such remarks or posts on an attention seeking level, never have and never will, my job is to promote the artists and I will do that always. If I feel people are being out of order then I have a tendency to speak out, just as everyone else, but I would never make death threats and vicious remark. I will continue to do what I believe in, if you want to see this another way then well done, but never tell me to stop believing or having HOPE because that won’t EVER happen.

          I believe in what Ty Myers wrote and I will not back down, he is my team member at Beatsmedia and I will defend him on every level.

          The Trancefamily name is very special, and everyone should want to keep it that way, to hell with those small pockets trying to spoil it, those lashing out the vicious insults are not real trancefamily members, nor trance lovers they just tag along, make some noise and make everyone else look bad!

          Lastly, I am sorry you feel that the articles were publicity stunts, I can assure you they were not, we speak from our hearts and for that we sometimes may come across wrong, nobody is perfect, but we never intentionally share our thoughts to hurt the feelings of others.

          Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we will meet again, on better terms 🙂

      • Chris 12:24 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Trancefamily, is a bunch of pricks…
        The worst music community on the planet… Everybody in that community thinks that trance music is superior to any other music and yet, they don’t really know what Trance is… They don’t know if they listen to trance or house… They just take what they serve them…
        I am happy that I’m not a member of that community any more… I’m too mature to be part of such an EDM shame…
        Everybody was bashing Fei Fei, but I haven’t seen any of you bashing Armin, A&B, Gareth Emery for playing electro…

      • Rob 4:35 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        ‘Please stop now! you are dividing trance family!’

        Spoken like a true retard. speaka any English there? you claim to not be hateful but your article comes off like you’re foaming at the mouth with all your misused exclamation marks, like you’re some wide-eyed rabid fool. and then calling yourself mature, that’s a good one!

        if you want to be 1% of mature, try to respond to pple in a reasonable, objective manner. don;t type in caps like a 2 yr old or abuse exclamation marks. come up with a user name a bit more ‘mature’ & if you can’t write proper english just make us a youtube video and send us the link so we can listen instead. cause reading your shit is painful. it’s empty-headed, hateful fools like you who contribute to the hate infiltrating the scene.

        the article by rachel was written by an intelligent person with intelligent opinions, understood & appreciated by intelligent pple. so sit the fk back, shut the fk up and let the grown ups do the talking ok?

    • ARA ONLY 11:21 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      While i wholeheartedly agree with your article. I dont see how a small minority can drive you away from an entire genre. Stop paying attention to ratbags on websites like “trancefix”. Not only do they bash other genres, they pretty much shit on every trance track posted on the forums. Besides, i’ve seen plenty of trance fans and DJs come out to to bat for Fei Fei.

      • Rachel Rixham 11:29 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I hate to see such a beautiful genre being brought down, I just can’t handle it, the comments and everything said upsets me, and I know many other passionate trance fans probably feel the same, and as a result will turn away, leaving only the keyboard warriors who will eventually rip each other apart too, the genre will be over. Perhaps not, perhaps I am thinking too much, but I’m emotionally attached what more can I say, trance has that effect on a person.

        Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment

        • Rob 4:43 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink

          Rachel, I understand where you’re coming from..sounds like you’ve maintained that love for trance throughout many years as opposed to scene pple who just like it for a couple of years. I’ve also loved trance that way for many yrs & still do, it’s spiritual music, nothing about it is negative which is why it’s hard to understand such bitter reactions..

          also, you seem to be a mature individual. don’t insult yourself by responding to people like that farty dude. just reading what that guy was (attempting) to write made me feel like I was reading the thoughts of some rabid idiot. it’s like arguing with a 3 yr old about the pressures of life & marriage. simply ignore..: )

    • NorteAngel 11:24 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Oh my where to begin Rachel,

      Firstly and without a doubt you are utterly correct in your observations…I too came to this realisation but probably 8 years or more ago and in fact my husband and I were only discussing this very topic yesterday.

      You see I have watched trance events be destroyed by overly aggressive, drug affected, infantile egomaniacs…who believe they have the right to force their unwanted and unwelcome opinions on others.

      I have been taunted at parties because I am 41 years old and apparently I’m not entitled to my love of trance or the right to enjoy an event. Apparently I should shrivel up and die and ignore trance events because I make the younger folk “uncomfortable”…and apparently I remind them of their parents.

      I have watched in utter disgust and dismay as my hubby and I have walked onto a dance floor to have an awesome night only to watch as people move away from us…but you see more fool them it just gave us more room to dance lol.

      I don’t understand where the air of self entitlement comes from within the trance community and I have given up trying to work it out, but sadly in the process it takes something special to get me to an event.

      When did it become more advantageous to be seen at an event because it was the in thing vs being seen at an event because of the sheer love of the music and the journey it took you on. I still adore trance and always will but I’m almost ready to call it a night ….permanently!

      • Rachel Rixham 11:36 am on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I feel you, what used to be about the music, has turned in to a “LOOK AT ME, ME ME” event, by many jumped up idiots who are too far up their own arses to even know or feel what’s happening around them. On that note though, again I have to say that is also a “small minority” too.

        You have every right to go to the events and enjoy good music, and you should continue!!

        Much love to you x

    • Suprano 12:23 pm on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Agreed with you. im totally sick of this scene months ago. fans, djs, labels even producers. not all of them but many. trancefix is worst website on the world. i HATE HATE HATE them. also trance fans became so lazy and they wont search for fresh talents. stickin to old artist with old sounds and moan about dead scene. waiting for miracle…that wont happen guys! wont

    • Mike Angel 1:27 pm on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I see many associating with the genre we love behaving in a way that is as far removed from its roots as possible it is sickening. Having played different genres over time I believe it has so much more to do with generational change and social tribalism than the pads and breakdowns that push our collective buttons. I’ve witnessed the peacocks, space cadets and socially avaricious that follow whatever accessable musical bandwagon is deemed fashionable and infect it until it becomes unbearable for the true fans. The difference is now through technology, the thing that made our genre reinvent itself and expand its audience globally, we have the double edged sword of creating forums for the socially inept to engage with everyone else. People who used to go home and have their comedowns in private after weekends of excess can now be epically unbearable for the rest of us. And lets not forget the human laxitives that feel the need to kill the vibe at events because their own pidgeon hole of what trance should sound like was either left behind years ago or playing as an offshoot elsewhere. Or the intensely tribal posers that go around acting like children because they are incapable of sharing space with people that don’t fit their toxic little bubble of what the world should be. Thank God these are a product of our time and not our genre.

      The thing I love about trance is it has stayed alive through measured evolution, unlike many one dimensional musical forms that became tired once the envelope was fully explored. But conscensus is unfortunately not without conflict, and this century self entitlement, narcissism and an unnatural preoccupation with ones own opinion are the cogs and flywheels of what makes the masses tick. Politics has always been a conversation killer and yet so many that should know better want to politicise their music. Lets tune that out and just enjoy the music.

      It would sadden me immensely to see you turn your back on this musical form you love. You have a heart, grace and passion that is in short supply. But nobody could blame you for taking a breath of fresh air. I’m trying to look at the scene as a microcosm of society. The more inclusive it becomes the more variation you will see within it. Which also means its far from perfect, but that is elements of the scene and not the genre.

      One final thought, Fei Fei may have either been a free spirit or quite calculating in her set last weekend at ASOT 550. But if Armin’s good enough to have a laugh about it I think we all can.

      • Rachel Rixham 1:43 pm on March 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Beautifully written thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Mike, much appreciated and yes you are right. Perhaps we need to stay strong, put this behind us and move on. I think I possibly need to be less involved in future, need to think about my options, but, when you love something, it is hard to ignore anyone trying to bring it down. A natural human emotion I refuse to let go of. But as you said if Armin can laugh about it and Fei Fei has risen above then the rest of us should too.

        Thanks once again brilliant write up, lots of valid points made there 🙂

    • Some Random Douchebag 12:15 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I love this Fartem Farty character. “GET A LIFE!!!” Lololol, that’s great, the one who goes by the name “Farty” is the one telling Rachel to get a life. Man oh man.

      The tides are changing kids. You all better embrace it. This has been one of the most entertaining few days in all of EDM.

    • Hutchie 12:23 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      What is with all this TranceFamily crap? Seriously? It’s yous lot that are making the Trance scene a laughing stock. It’s just a genre, nothing more. People need to stop acting so gay about it and going on as if it was some sort of Religion or cult.

      It’s funny, most of these people that have this stupid attitude towards Trance and arse lick every Armada artist on Facebook probably have never heard a 4/4 EDM track above 134bpm and then go on about how the stuff they’re listening to is ‘real Trance’. Don’t make me laugh. Yes, Trance is a beautiful genre and can genuinely touch people in many different ways, whether it be Andy Blueman’s version of his A World To Come collab with Re-Conceal or Bryan Kearney’s Goosebumps (pay attention to the tracks I’m mentioning here), but then again any other form of media can have that effect on people. You don’t see fans from those industries acting all gay about it, starting trends like MotionPictureFamily or any of that cheesy nonsense. Get a grip.

      • Rachel Rixham 12:49 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Andy Blueman is an outstanding producer, it is such a shame he moved on to Movie Score, he will be missed. As for Bryan Kearney agreed another great producer, as is John ’00’ Fleming! Not everyone in trancefamily licks arse by the way 🙂

    • jenryr 12:25 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      you can count me in on the nasty ones, because your only some one who loves the music,,not part off it and if you have not gotten treated like the people deep with in, you prob be angry to , at all the side taking selfish producers that can be added to the group, think before you go thinking how nasty people are when you are in a cut throat filled music mafia, i honestly agree with you but i dearly dont think any one has a profesional mode to ge t respect or good energy in this industry is all about wash my back and ill wash yours i am glad the bit ive done i have done it on my own,, i think alot off djs,.producers and singers will agree with me, but i dont think my self tha t the unffairness off life could make us leave anything w e adore so much like with you trance music god bless sweety. get more clues cause kind ness and perfection seems to be a thing off the past, cheers!!!

    • jenryr 12:44 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      i wa s a kind sweet young man and still am, but i think if you experienced and seen all i have you prob quite for real,, music and peoples selfish ways will never stop me from what i love most.. this is the place where the weak fail and only the fit survive sweety,,is so easy for you to judge without knowing all the trades and fixes behind life and the music industry her self. real people speak fight back and only reach we all got that animal instinct and is natural to reach,, good article,, but is and industry full off crappy individuals for the most part not all god bless ,,dont leave tranc e enjoy it come back, dont forget is all about me in this idustry not all off us….thats how its always been

    • jenryr 12:57 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      i could say so much, but wont even go there, i agree with you, but life is is crazy, i say ignore the bull and follow your hart, the music, no one is perfect and for eve r always man kind will be selfish self centered and unkind, that will never change:) god bless rachel!!!!!! trance for ever….electronica,

    • jenryr 1:08 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      welcome i do music for fun and what any music groupie, producer or label can say about me i could care less, i think you need to enjoy the music and take into notion, tha t perfection in any part off our lives or the music industry will never exist, enjoy the music,, and let the hater hate ,, cause haters and fakes never make it god bless you sweety!!

    • andrew 1:44 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      to me this is a bit of an overreaction by you rachel – don’t you remember the bashings that everyone has done to tiesto since ~2009??? things like this will always happen, because trance is a genre that is full of “purists” – or people that believe they are purists!

      most of the #trancefamily comments here are quite valid, because yes, most of them are quite clueless on what is “real trance”, but on the other hand, i know what trancefamily really is about, its about the friendship and bond that you can only find with other people that appreciate the same music as you, so please do not generalize all of them as a bunch of hating noobs, or something else along the lines of that.

      and here’s something – trance is SUBJECTIVE, just like any other genre of music. it does not matter how retarded someones perception of “trance” is, compared to your own, even if someone thinks that electro house is trance, you bashing them/calling them a noob/saying they dont listen to real trance will not change a thing! because to you, it will never be trance, but to them it is.

      also to the people throwing around the term “trance 2.0” everywhere on the internet these days – trance has been evolving since the 1990s… please educate yourselves and realize that trance was not the same from 1990 through till 2010 and then suddenly changed.

      my 2 cents -_-

      • Rachel Rixham 2:00 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Although I agree with a couple of things you have said, I do not feel I was overreacting. Check this article, and then see if you feel the same way.

        Overreaction was exactly what FEI FEI encountered for playing music she loved. Overreaction was the death threats and vile insults she was subjected to.

        Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    • ID 4:46 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      It’s called ASOT becuase the artists are mostly trance artists,not shite dubstep.End of story,stop crying.

    • uplift 12:56 pm on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      You’re barking up the wrong bush. I can assure you the hate towards Fei Fei didn’t come from the old-schoolers you love to demonize but the average sheep who worship only what Armin and the likes do.

      Quite ironic the #trancefamily hypocrisy, acting as purists when they don’t even know what real trance is about.

    • Daniel Salomé 7:28 pm on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Do you think seriously the green is greener elsewhere ? Try to book a Trance DJ at a Dubstep event and let’s see the reaction of the usual audience… You will have exactly the same reactions if not worse…

      What were Fei-Fei thinking by replying to Armin : “I play what the fuck I want” ??? Who is she to say that with arrogance ??? She has just trolled the trance community which returned the favor imo.
      I am sorry but there were a lot of names more deserving to play at this event than her…
      Tiësto and his likes have been more insulted than this girl and I haven’t seen any article talking about that, it’s a part of the “job” ! We are not in the world of unicorns and tralalala…

      The motto of this article “promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate” is quite ironic, I mean this article where you indirectly contradict yourself : making only publicity of the “Gobshites” and nothing else, an article just written to make a lot of audience… Why haven’t you displayed twitter reactions of Daniel Kandi and Arnej (, people I mean who are better placed than anyone here to speak ? It was so much easier to display reactions (abusives I recognize) of lambda people like me…

      Personally I don’t consider myself a member of the #trancefamily thing, and I am proud of that.
      I listen to trance music for so many years and have supported it spending my money going to many trance nights, spending my money in a lot of tracks. I support people who deserve it, people who haven’t sold their soul to the fashion thing… I don’t consider trance music contaminated with low-end commercial sound elements an evolution. I don’t recognize as trance music what Fei-Fei, Gareth Emery, Arty, Mat Zo and many more played at ASOT 550 nights recently… I think I have my word to say about how trance that turns into a farce with the blessing of Armin Van Buuren and his company…
      It was not necessary to kill the Trance Energy concept to replace it by ASOT if it was to invite jokes playing crappy electro, house and dubstep… Why don’t I see any article in Beatsmedia or this blog about that ?

      This is certainly not lambda people, forum trolls and others who turn trance into a shameful thing.

      • Rachel Rixham 11:56 pm on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I have only a few things thing to say in reply to this.

        “What were Fei-Fei thinking by replying to Armin : “I play what the fuck I want” ??? Who is she to say that with arrogance ???”

        Why don’t you read this interview, perhaps you’ll learn more.

        “The motto of this article “promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate” is quite ironic, I mean this article where you indirectly contradict yourself :

        I didn’t write the article about PLUR, therefore, I haven’t contradicted myself.

        “Why haven’t you displayed twitter reactions of Daniel Kandi and Arnej (”

        I don’t agree with them and there was no need to include them as someone has already done that above.

        “It was not necessary to kill the Trance Energy concept to replace it by ASOT if it was to invite jokes playing crappy electro, house and dubstep… Why don’t I see any article in Beatsmedia or this blog about that ?”

        Obviously because I don’t agree that ASOT invite joke artists. In my opinion they are all very talented. However, I am sure if they put you on the ASOT stage you would do a better job right?

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

        • Daniel Salomé 6:50 pm on March 23, 2012 Permalink

          I may be not as talented as them but at least I would have played banging Trance with a big T 😉 No problem Armin can call me whenever he wants hahahahaha

          But there are a lot people who are better placed to be behind the decks at ASOT, I mean John 00 Fleming, Airwave, John Askew, Bryan Kearney, Indecent Noise, Activa, Jamie Walker, Nick Sentience, Paul Webster, etc… do I need to list more names ?

        • Rachel Rixham 8:21 pm on March 23, 2012 Permalink

          Lol if he does get in touch be sure to pop back and let us know 😛

    • Lazarus 12:06 am on March 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Followed the whole shameful saga and have to say I think yourself and Ty have certainly captured my feelings on the subject very eloquently. Like yourself I’ve followed the music and the scene for as long as I can remember throughout its’ various incarnations and have reached the point of viewing this modern penchant for hateful self-righteousness with a growing horror.

      Twenty years ago or more I was driving in my mate’s van to a local cinema car park as it was the best place in town to pick up the local pirate radio station that played hardcore, since it was one of the few places you could even hear anything remotely EDM-like at the time. I witnessed the 90s Gatecrasher revolution first hand and spent most of the money I earned in my twenties on vinyl and clubbing expeditions. If nothing else I think it taught me to respect and value the music I adored.

      Nowadays I run my own label, still DJing and producing, but find myself increasingly cynical about the point of it all. Seems to me that music was once revered and appreciated both financially and spiritually by the enthusiasts who kept the scene going throughout the early stages now very rarely enjoys the same status. It’s expected to be free – people who pay for it are widely regarded as fools, and it’s almost as if good music is seen as a basic human right that people now feel they can demand and expect to be provided with. This same attitude also seems to have crept into the club scene, where it seems everyone expects nights to be tailored to their own specific requirements.

      It’s not that people are unable to appreciate the music in the same way – I’m confident that people do otherwise passions wouldn’t run as high as they do when this conflict arises. It’s just that people are now less inclined to venture from out of their own personal comfort zones because they can now get everything they want via the internet for free, without ever having to appreciate the wider spectrum of EDM in the process. The sheer volume of different styles means that everyone can now have their cake and eat it, musically speaking.

      The major trance label cartel (Armada/Anjuna/Enhanced/Garuda etc) now dominates the industry to such a degree that it’s almost impossible for anyone else to be heard above the noise they create, and so in this sense, they are the entire world to the majority of people who now follow trance – casual fans who’ve had no long-term investment in the EDM scene as a whole. They have no need to explore underground sounds, small labels, other styles etc because they’re happy to follow wherever the marketing of the major labels tell them to go. They can view the world simplistically and be satisfied by it. It’s not to say this is even a bad thing, necessarily – it is, after all, how pop music has survived down the ages, especially in these dark times of free music for all on the internet. Artists and labels have to brand themselves and appeal in many other ways so that brand loyalty becomes important to the fans, rather than the actual music itself.

      The Fei-Fei controversy is a strange one, since it goes against these principles – she could’ve played ten of the latest Armada hits and pleased everybody in an albeit soul-less way and nobody would’ve given it a second thought. However, maybe it’s a pre-cursor for Armada wanting to move into the (probably far more lucrative, in a global sense anyway) dubstep scene, maybe Fei-Fei was playing the old “any publicity is good publicity” game, or maybe, just maybe, there was a little sense of DJs, artists and promoters wanting to give an old-fashioned middle finger to conformity by trying something different – I’m certainly hoping it was this anyway.

      Ultimately though, everyone involved in this scene is doing it for their own reasons. Major labels are becoming corporate powerhouses rather than musical innovators. DJs and producers are becoming rock stars. Clubbers are becoming talent-show judges. Internet communities are springing up across the world so that people can share and belong to something, in much the same way early clubbers were able to do this on the dancefloors in dingy warehouses and underground car parks. Nothing is going to change this – pandora’s box is well and truly open. With the best will in the world and the best intentions, nobody can change the world or the scene on their own. The scene will always just become the scene that people deserve.

      On a personal note, I’m sorry to hear how angry and upset these recent events have made you, all I can offer in terms of advice is to try and rise above it. You obviously love the music and have your own reasons for dedicating so much of your life to it and the scene that it goes with. That’s what’s important. Focus on that love.

      My 2-step plan for enjoying the music industry is this – 1) Never read internet forums and 2) never google your own tracks. All it will ever achieve is to depress and demoralise you, and I’ve learned this the hard way. Now I just get on with doing what I love, enjoying the music I love, and being grateful for being able to do so.

      The world is full of fucking idiots and this will never, ever, ever change. But the thing that annoys them the most – is being ignored 🙂

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